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US Open Qualifiers July 20, 2006

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Hey everyone, this is my first actual post! As you may know, the upcoming Grand Slam is the US Open. We’re only in the qualifiers right now, but sniffing through the news about the qualifiers can sometimes help you weed out the phonies and find out who could break through!

Marat Safin recently lost to an unknown named Wesley Whitehouse, ranked 512th in the world. I’m sure that Safin’s mind broke down, and that he must have started to play out of anger rather than being cool and collected. Safin has got to get his act together. I won’t deny it, he’s a load of fun to watch. Every time I see him playing tennis, though, he makes some uproar around once every two games. Either the ump’s an idiot, his opponent distracted him, the fans are too noisy. Well, that is exaggerating, but heck, the guy has a museum in Russia with the hundreds of rackets he’s broken!

Nothing really interesting happening in the tennis world really, though. All the world’s top players are automatically in, and don’t bother with these minor events. You might see a couple stars just out of injury, trying to rebuild from a heavily dropped rank, but thats about it.



1. kebade - August 4, 2009

when is the quilafiying tournament and how do you get in

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