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James Blake vs. Andy Roddick RCA Championship July 24, 2006

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Could you ask for a better match? Honestly, this match was one of the best ones I’ve ever seen, in terms of excitement. The play from both players was incredible. This match showed a glimmer of hope that just perhaps, American tennis could have a revival. I’m happy for Andy Roddick and James Blake. Andy’s had a bad streak, and the great tennis he played today certainly removes some of those blemishes on his career. James Blake, on the other hand, has always had to play second fiddle to Andy, and he showed the US that he could prove his number one seeding in the tournament and World 5 ranking are not bloated.

Roddick’s serve was great. He was on fire, and both players displayed a large amount of aces. When Blake goes home tonight, I hope he and his coach think about what went wrong with this serve, though. Blake had an large amount of double faults. He had to work much harder because of this. Roddick, on the other hand, has the same old backhand troubles. He didn’t have it so much this round, but in the previous rounds, he exposed himself way too much with the slice backhand. The slice backhand should normally be used as a defensive shot or an approach shot. He just used it everywhere though! You should try to get some videos of Pete Sampras’s old matches. Now there is a man who can slice!

Anyway, when both these solid players retire, I hope they keep this match in their mind as their career highlights. It may not seem like much, but to me, it was a great match.



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