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Hey everyone, thanks for visiting our blog! Yes, our blog. This is a shared blog between my son and I. My name is Anil and I’ve been playing tennis since I arrived in the US with just a ten dollar bill to my name, 16 years ago! Now I’m a .NET Programmer, and am watching as my son begins to surpass me in tennis. Granted, my tennis elbow has hampered my improvement, but I’m still a tough 3.5-4.0 player. My son has begun to beat me occasionally, but his mental game has surpassed me by far. That was his advantage over me, and that may be someone else’s advantage over you! I hope the two of us can help you out, whether a pro or someone figuring out how to hold a racket.



1. Tomaz - August 9, 2006

Hi there!

My name is Tomaz Mencinger and I invite you to check my site http://www.tennismindgame.com. Let me know if you are interested in reviewing my ebooks.

Regards, Tomaz

2. sharapovaville - August 11, 2006

Hi there..this looks like a good blog, maybe we can exchange links, i own a Sharapova fan site http://sharapovaville.com



4. Pat - February 21, 2007

Greeeat site!! I would like to exchange links with you, please let me know if this is of your interest.

my blog is: http://onlinepokerinfo.wordpress.com


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