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Funny Tennis Personality Test

What does your tennis style tell you about your relationships?

Baseline Basher

Do you stand way behind the baseline and whack the ball endlessly back to your partner until he or she finally gets worn out and makes a mistake? In an argument, do you keep all your participation at arms length, cool and detached, but powerful?

Serve and Volley Smasher

Do you spring up to the net as soon as you can and catch your partner off guard? Do you quickly jump on every new thought and try to smash it before it can hurt you?

Towel Off Time Waster

Do you constantly interrupt the game for a towel-off, stop and tie your laces, etc., throwing your partners timing off.? Do you often call for a time-out during a troubling discussion, so your friend will never be able to get a toe-hold on the conversation.

Grimacing Grunter

Do you scare your opponent by belting out a yell with each serve and response? In a discussion do you make pained faces and miserable sounds instead of being fair and reasonable?

Rabble Rouser

Do you fight loudly with the umpire and the onlookers till your poor opponent is worn out? Do you divert attention away from sticky issues by engaging outsiders in your disputes.

Groaning Grinch

Do you grump so much and for so long that your opponent finally gives you the shady side and spots you two games? Do you beg and whimper, complain and act put-upon just to get your own way, even if you’re wrong?

Watching and playing tennis can help you discover what sort of relationship-person you are in business and at home. If winning is everything to you, don’t be surprised if you lose in love and commerce.

Jack Wilson is an artist and writer in Tempe, AZ. He is not much of a tennis player.


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jack_Wilson



1. ski - October 29, 2012

lol …..murray is my neighbour

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