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Mind Tennis

This product surprised me. I knew that professional athletes were mentally tough. But that they use hypnosis? This, to me, seemed like a good way to explore something I’ve always loved, the mind game of tennis.

Because the product’s creator, Dr. Harlan Kilstein, has a relatively low profile on the net, it is difficult to review him. Thankfully, since this is the transaction is through Clickbank, it is guaranteed for refund for 8 weeks. This, I’m thinking right now, is a somewhat risky product to buy. Its also relatively new, only a few months old. However, I wouldn’t worry, because of the refund through Clickbank.

The Site Itself- Well, the site looks professional. Don’t bother with the ‘Free Mini-course’. These things are usually useless, and when I put in the email address I use for spam, and checked it out, it was useless. All it did was promote the product. The product are more MP3 recordings. It seems like more and more products are going MP3 since the iPod rage began. He said his name was Harlan Kilstein, and that he had one of the largest hypnotic clinics in the US “until recently”. Did he find more money on the net? If you google his name, he is an actual person. The clinic was in Florida. That tells me it may have been hurricanes which caused the closing.

One thing stood out, and took away my wary position towards his product. This press release showed me that he was fairly high up in his profession. Tiger Wood’s former coach, John Anselmo, had a rare interview, and revealed why he thought Tiger would bounce back after his 2004 slump. For this rare interview, he chose to have it with Harlan Kilstein. So, Dr. Kilstein must have a very good reputation. Though, in this story, they didn’t reveal “the secret to reviving Tiger’s career”, other sites did. From this story, we learn that Tiger used to practice post-hypnotic suggestion, but once he started to get lazy and stopped, he had his slump. Also, we learn that Dr. Kilstein’s methods, and the one’s John Anselmo taught the young Tiger, are incredibly effective! Look at how high up Tiger is. Also, though, you need a strong work ethic to succeed.

Verdict-Even if this product doesn’t work out for you, it looks like fun. I mean, imagine using hypnosis to strengthen your game! Pretty cool, huh? While, the concept is strange, Dr. Kilstein has a strong resume to flaunt to his customers. I’m giving this one the pre-testing thumbs up. Go ahead and buy it, you have eight weeks to return the product if its not for you!

Click here to go to Dr. Kilsteins tennis site!



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